Packaging & Storage



The abrasive material is shipped:

  • as bulk cargo (care must be taken to properly secure the tarp around the vehicle, ensuring no leakage onto the deck). 
  • in bulk bags (big bags), which are filled up to a weight of 1 – 1.5 tons
  • 30-40 bags bagged – according to customer requirements (standard – 35 bags) on a pallet secured with PVC film (shrink or reel) 

For preparing shipments, vehicles (rigs and trailers) can be loaded using forklifts or cranes in an open space or on a ramp. Railway wagons (open – containers; covered – bags, big bags, bulk cargo) can also be loaded. For railway transport, however, certain delays in the delivery of the wagons and related charging have to be expected. This method of shipment has the clear advantage of delivering large quantities of the abrasive material. If the customer desires, we can provide for both shipments, but always as a separate transaction.


Storage is recommended in places protected against the effects of weather (especially AMT ® bulk cargo and, if the packaging will not be stored on pallets, care should be taken against runoff water in the event of torrential rains). The abrasive material in packaging can be stored in up to two layers on top of each other, ensuring no mechanical damage occurs to the packaging, especially when handling with lifting equipment.