Quality of AMT ®


Quality system

In 2003, our company established an integrated quality system according to ČSN EN ISO 9001 and ČSN EN ISO 14001. The whole process was capped with a certification audit on 23 January 2004 and the award of the certificate from DNV CZECH REPUBLIC S.R.O.


Quality factors

AMT ® is produced with maximum emphasis on quality. Our goal has never been to produce material that would be simply average, rather the opposite. Our production basically depends on two items –choosing the right method, then constantly and thoroughly checking the quality of inputs and outputs. The second quality factor is effective control. Our company has developed a precision system for input and output inspections.
We have set up a testing workstation with the recommended technical parameters to determine our standardized quality and matching parameters (nozzle f 8/160 mm – Laval, nozzle pressure 8 MPa, length from the blasting machine to the nozzle 40 m, length of the line from the compressor to the blasting machine 20 m). The effectiveness of AMT ® has been tested in this workstation on standard construction steels with different degrees of corrosion. The consumption of AMT ®, the blasting coarseness, purity and any possible trace of contamination (salt content and dust residue on the blasted surface) are measured and determined. The evaluation is done by comparing (Rugotest, reference standard) or measuring with a profile meter. In case of dispute, the quality of blasting or residues can be inspected with a metallurgical cut.