AMT ® is mostly used for blasting surfaces. The properties of AMT ® meet the strictest criteria required of abrasive material. These properties, especially its hardness, make it a very effective abrasive. Its reusability greatly reduces costs. AMT ® helps save.

Its composition also makes it friendly to the environment. It meets the strictest environmental criteria and so is able to replace the most widely used abrasive up to now – quartz sand. According to many independent tests that have been carried out, AMT ® is inert, meaning it does not react with other substances and thus cannot affect the surroundings.

The European-wide shift away from the use of quartz sand, visible in the ban on its use in most EU countries, makes it necessary to think of substitute substances. Of the many different abrasive materials available today, AMT ® clearly offers the best balance between price and capabilities. So it is a perfect future substitute for quartz sand.


A good way to use AMT ® is for embedding flecks (e.g. on industrial floors). AMT ® perfectly meets all the criteria for the high quality required here.


The product AMT ® 1 can use the smallest fractions as backfill material for road construction. This technology allows us to run a waste free operation.


Additive for the wear layer of concrete paving, resin floors

Products with AMT ® grit offer the following material advantages compared to standard products:


  • high hardness, for which AMT ® materials are desired, particularly in the area of industrial floors 
  • color stability arising from the fact that the materials are not tinted or otherwise modified outside drying, crushing and screening
  • zero chemical defectiveness resulting from the glass structure of material
  • increased frost resistance for mixtures containing AMT ®
  • very favorable price for materials, which differ depending on the grain size (the coarser the cheaper)
  • the materials are already used by other manufacturers of precast concrete


Other uses

Other applications for the abrasive material such as backfill, dry mortar mix fillers, or abrasives for manufacturing emery, grinding wheels, abrasive pastes, etc. basically depend on further technological processing, which is based on the requirements of customers.