In order to achieve the maximum quality of the final products, they have to be tested to ensure they meet the prescribed parameters. The company Trymat has built a spacious and well-equipped laboratory for this purpose, where control tests are carried out on both products and input materials to prevent any degradation of the product before actual mixing.

A testing module of the information system, which itself generates test reports in the specified intervals and monitors both how the tests are performed and their subsequent results, is used to ensure quality.

A precise production record-keeping system is used to prevent the consequences of potential errors. It makes it possible to trace any problem back to the source so that it can be eliminated in the future.


Tests carried out by the laboratory


  • Consistency test
  • Measurement of volume changes
  • Measurement of impact hardness 
  • Determination of moisture 
  • Determination of the share of solid particles
  • Determination of granulometry
  • Determination of length of workability (Vicat device)
  • Compressive strength (temporarily determined externally)
  • Tensile bending strength (temporarily determined externally)
  • Determination of the presence of humus
  • Determination of floating particles
  • Determination of free CaO
  • Determination of adhesion to the substrate
  • Determination of wear resistance using the BCA method